786 Club : 7th July 2018

786 World is our third annual national event exclusively for 8-16 year old boys and girls. This is a special day where 786 club invites current members and new people to a fun filled day held at Hijaz Manor. There will be Islamic activities aimed at the young people who attend and plenty of activities as well.

This is a day of Islamic and fun activities aimed at young people including:

  • Football tournament (boys)
  • Dodgeball & Team building activities (girls)
  • Role Play
  • Gladiator duel
  • Archery and much more!

Members of the clubs will be performing role plays and be involved in play and discussions on this year’s theme, ‘Respecting the Elderly’ and also reflect on being a sincere Muslim in the modern world.

The following topics will be discussed and performed as part of role play:

  1. Leaving grandparents at old people’s home
  2. My lonely grandmother – isolation.
  3. Etiquettes required when meeting the elderly
  4. Learning from the wisdom of my elders

Consent forms and medical forms must be completed by a parent/guardian for every child who wishes to participate. Please complete this to avoid disappointment. If you require more information or would like to register, please contact: info@blessedsummit.com