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786 Club Near You

786 Club has been set up in 5 cities and there is growing interest in other areas, including Northampton and High Wycombe.  The details for cities and their 786 Club classes are listed below:





Weekly – every Friday evening

Boys only


Monthly – on Friday evening

Boys and Girls (separately)


Fortnightly – Sunday afternoons

Girls only


Fortnightly – Sunday mornings

Boys and Girls (mixed)


Fortnightly – Friday evenings

Boys only


To commence weekly

Girls only

If you would like to join or know more about a 786 Club running in your area, please contact us and we can assign you to the appropriate 786 Club coordinator. To sign your child up, please go to the Contact Us page and submit your child’s relevant details.

The 786 Clubs have a chance to join our annual 786 World event held in our headquarters at Hijaz in Nuneaton, the heart of the English countryside. This is a summer national children’s activities day and a chance for the young participants showcase all their learning to other clubs.

Volunteer with us

Interested in setting up a 786 Club in your local area?

If you would like to become a mentor and take part in leading 786 Club sessions in your city or town, please contact us at You can have access to training in mentoring and how to enrich the lives of young people. Our volunteers find this process mutually beneficial, as seeing the world through young eyes has brought is refreshing, whilst the mentoring process serves as a huge reminder to ourselves of our own purpose in life and ways in which we can develop.