About Us

home-1The 786 Club has been formed to provide a platform for the personal and religious development of our local Muslim youth.

786 Club comprises of Mentors who are young professionals (including doctors, dentists, consultants, solicitors and teachers) that are well-versed in religious understanding. We are seeking to offer guidance and inspiration by volunteering our free time to the tarbiyyah (character building) of today’s youth and tomorrow’s future.

At 786 Club, we recognise the importance of nurturing the minds and hearts of our children, so that they learn how to implement Islamic teachings in the modern world.

We believe in making learning fun and providing ‘big brother’ and ‘big sister’ support to help them grow into well-rounded adults.

The 786 Club aims to give young people the opportunity to:

* enjoy Islamic educational & fun activities

* meet and learn from influential, young Muslim professionals

* be inspired to develop a noble character, based on the Sunnah

* help our local community through kind acts of charity

* learn more about their talents & achieving their true potential

* developing their lives in a well-rounded way- through personal, educational and religious education

* learn to live in the dunya without forgetting about deen

The children are encouraged to reach out to the community and have done all sorts of activities, including visiting sick children in hospital and wrapping and giving Eid presents to them. The feedback from both the children and mosque teachers was very positive and the local community warmly welcomed the initiative. Many have commented that they are pleased to see young people take an active interest in the welfare of their neighbours. Personal development and enriching the community around us is central to our ethos.

To know more about which cities have a 786 Club, see the Activities Page.